What We Do...

Battle Reenactments
Reenactment is a term that is generally related to a "larger" event. Typically larger reenactments take place over a weekend and you'll see Soliders, Civilians, and Sutlers camped; several battles (usually a smaller portions of larger battles), talks, living histories and demonstrations. Smaller Reenactments many contain all of these elements, or some of these elements.

Living Histories
Living Histories generally refer to a an event where there a number of reenactors in period clothing with their equipment on display. They are generally smaller than reenactments, or can be part of a reenactment.

School Talks
Arrangements with our group can be made to provide a Civil War experience at schools. A typical school talk will involve a number of reenactors who will show up in uniforms (or other Victorian Period clothing) and form stations around which groups of students can rotate. The question of weapons on school grounds is left up to the schools/districts themselves. We can operate our school talks while incorporating firing demonstrations (blanks only), or muskets only, or no weapons at all.

We love to march in parades. Many of the parades we participate in allow us to stop and fire as we march. We often have a number of our civilians with us as we march.

Live Fires
A live fire is firing fully loaded muskets. Normally we do not fire our muskets with any form of projectile for safety reasons. However, our muskets are fully functional and from time to time we are provided the opportunity to fire fully loaded weapons. This is usually conducted on a closed range. These opportunities are generally rare for us as a group.

We are glad to have the opportunity to support ceremonies. For example, it is common for us to participate in ceremonies that honor our veterans.